Sindbad Submarines


Join us aboard Sindbad Submarines on an unforgettable guided tour, 25 meters below sea level, and explore our mystical underwater world. Our most advanced Mark III Submarines are the only recreational submarines in Africa. Every dive is unique with expert captains and divers who bring the sea world to your comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned view ports, allowing you to get as close as you can to the spectacular underwater landscapes, fantastic coral formations and an unlimited number of exotic sea creatures.

Experience our selection of some of the world’s leading water rides. Amidst an impressive display of nature, you will enjoy a variety of activities for the young, the old, the peaceful and the active. It’s an adventure of its own ranging from the notorious Boomerang to our own sweet-water Wave Pool and its magnificent artificial beach.

Imagine cruising across the water, the wind blowing through your hair, the wind in your face, and below you, nothing but coral reefs and the splendor of the Red Sea oceanic life. Sounds impossible? Not with Quest, our Looker 350 glass-bottom speed boat!
The Quest is built to give up to 15 people an incredible view of the coral reefs that this region of the Red Sea is so well known for. Colorful fish dart in and out of view behind beautiful coral plant life, and if you look up, you'll have a stunning view of the Hurghada coastline in the distance.




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